Shadow Priesthood

I’m really getting into the Shadow Priest mojo thing. Like, being a Warlock, but without the warlockery.

Our rotation is not hard at all. In fact, it has even become easier in MOP. I totally love the orbs proccing.

The only thing I’m wondering about is the choice of a talent.

TIER 3: Either From darkness comes light or Mindbender.

Both have their uses. I started with Mindbender because the extra damage the squid thing does is actually quite nice, and in PVP that little bugger is often forgotten. And in PVE it acts as a fire and forget missile. No extra button in your rotation, just hit it once every minute and tadaa … the powa.

From Darkness Comes light also sounds interesting, so I’ve been trying it for the last couple of days, and I’m not super convinced. It doesn’t seem a huge DPS increase in PVE, and it’s semi-useful in PVP. Sure when you’re at the back nuking people the extra instant cast helps, but when ever I use it, in PVP or PVE, I feel it interrupts my natural flow rotation, if that makes sense?

So I’m probably going to switch back to Mindbender soon, just for the easy-peezy argument. Unless someone points out I’ve been using  FDCL wrong all this time.


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