Everything will be okay

Maybe …

Patch 5.1 recently hit the servers, and of course I was uberly curious how it affected my little Rogue ninjaaah. Which turned out to be pretty dumb from my end, because I kinda already knew the little changes Rogues got were little to nothing really needed at the moment.

And then I entered a random battleground, and totally shred people new ***holes. Like … all over the place. I back-stabbed shit up like a pro. And I admit, my reaction during that battleground was something like “OMG look at me what the hell is wrong and god how I love to stab that night elf in the face over and over and and …”.

Then I queued for another battleground, and our entire team got decimated. And I didn’t even came close to actually killing someone. Turns out some people of the opposing team were like, actually playing as a team, the darn party-poopers … how dare they.

Which makes me laugh at my Rogue, silently …
Sure it’s fun to back-stab the occasional terrible player who keeps walking backwards while your are spamming your specials at him. Who turns around so slowly you have to force yourself not to scream “Use your mouse to turn dude!!” at your monitor.

So as of lately, I’m just playing my Priest again, as Shadow. Doing some dailies here and there, doing my LFR every week, hoping for nice drops. Working on valor gear. Tried out the new 5.1 dailies in Kara Wilds. Ganked some Alliance Hunter who kept on flagging himself.

Shadow Priest is slowly getting more fun, because they also scale heavily with gear. As I’m getting more and more epic pieces, things have a tendency to die faster, and that is a good thing.

Ghostcrawler and people in the world.

GC said somewhere that tabard reputation running in dungeons is never comign back, because they (Blizzard) apparently decided that having all this instanced content is a bad thing, and that it’s useful to get players into the world.

Weird, after all these years, all these expansions, they figured out what the massively meant in MMO.

I’ve been trying to do less reading on WOW, the CM’s, GC … because it is bothering me. They way they interact, what they say, how they say it.

For example, a player asked this:

Why a weekly valor cap? I have thought about it and can’t come up with a good reason.

And GC answered:

Without a cap, progression oriented players might feel the need to play every waking minute. That can lead to just quitting.

Dumb. It CAN lead to quitting. So CAN capping a persons progression lead to just quitting. Basically anything CAN lead to quitting.

This is just one of the examples of the complete and utter lack of vision from Blizzard. By artificially capping and holding back progression from people Blizzard believes they can hold subscriptions longer.

Maybe in short term they can, but in the long run, it will be the opposite. By putting restrictions on everything people are getting more and more frustrated and that will also lead to just quitting.

But then again, I don’t have shares in Blizzard. I am not employed by them. So fuck em.

And I noticed an immediate change in my game experience. God I wish SWG was still around. Weird to say I know, but you never regret not having something until it’s not longer available.

Guild Wars 2

Yesterday I had the box in my hands at my local store, and I almost bought the damn game. If it weren’t for the gazillion complaints from players about the shift in design by ArenaNet, I would be playing GW2 right now.


6 thoughts on “Everything will be okay

  1. There is nothing quite like a well played SP. Not capping WILL lead to some people playing every waking minute (looks geographically eastwards) which then makes the gap between players huge. I wish he had said that instead of what he actually did say.

      • Well it generally ends up in PvP being unbalanced which leads to constant moaning and sometimes a loss of accounts. Also means that with people getting gear quicker the content would need to be pushed out quicker to meet the rate that people are getting through it. Which would probably end up in worse content as they try to meet the demand. IMHO anyway..

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