Karma is a bitch

Karma in Indian religions is the concept of “action” or “deed”, understood as that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect. Many Western cultures have notions similar to karma, as demonstrated in the phrase what goes around comes around.

I’m not a superstitious person at all, but I’m slowly starting to believe in this karma thing.

I realize I’ve been a bit of an asshole lately, as shown in my posts, and if a random stranger would read all my crap he’d say ‘What goes around comes around’.

Yesterdays playtime really made me think of what I’m getting out of WOW these days. Grinding my ass of for a stupid trinket and having to endure the bottom of the barrel in LFD all the time. Not the most interesting way to spend ones time.

So how to approach this?
Do I change my ways and be the happy feet dude every time I queue for a dungeon? Do I turn the other cheek when faced with a bottom dweller? Do I make myself the ‘better man’?

I thought by focusing on my DPS spec things would be better. The shit you have to endure as a tank or a healer is insane. But lately, it’s the same tanks and healers that are acting as prima donna barbiedolls.

People always have these rose colored glass memories about the old days, and say things like ‘It wasn’t always like this …’ But now that I think of it, that actually makes sense. The behavior of people in random dungeons and raids has gotten worse and worse every expansion.

I remember playing games like Star Wars Galaxies or Lord of the Rings Online (pre ftp). Never have I encountered people like I talk about here in these online games. Never. Sure you had some idiots, but that was a rarity. Something you’d tell your guildies about and have a laugh.

But WOW … dear god. If this is the future of the Titan game Blizzard is secretly working on … then help us all. And it will be. Blizzard will do cross game promotions all over the place. And the same people you are avoiding in WOW will be present in Titan as well.

Blizzard really needs to ramp up the community building facet of their games. Sure, it’s monumental, having such a large audience, but I do believe it is Blizzard responsibility of actively trying and enforcing good behavior and all that nonsense.

But, and this is a big but, it will also require a huge change in gameplay. They need to change the way people interact with the world, with NPCs and other players. Get rid of the mememe mentality for nodes, resources, … and for once, create an environment that promotes helping and socializing.

Hypocrite much?

Yeah I’m a hypocrite. Yes I like the fact that the game is accessible, that it’s easy and doesn’t take weeks to accomplish even the simplest of things.

But I also hate it. I hate it because in the end, that is the downfall of this game. You don’t need other people. You don’t need to be friendly. You don’t need to be social. You don’t need to take ownership for your actions, your behavior.

WOW has become the Facebook of MMO’s. Fast, accessible, easy. Listen to me, me alone, look at me, I like this, I like, like me, listen to what I have to say, join my group, listen to us, my opinion, my ego, me me me me me me me me me me me me me ….


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