Patch 5.1 incoming

The first patch of MoP is about to hit us, and nothing really gamebreaking in the balancing department.

Some other classes are getting slight changes, nerfs if you want to call that, but in overall, nothing really game breaking positive in my opinion. Slight changes that do little or nothing to balance the current real issues at hand.

Burst is still king in PVP, some classes remain the power houses they are. All is good. Meehh.

More dailies!

Patch 5.1 also bring a new faction grind in Krasarang Wilds. I have read little about this, and I wonder if this is a new world PVP thing? You have to fight against your opposing faction, so do all the quests flag you for PVP?

Does it mean that questing in KW doing all these dailies will be a gankfest? The faction rewards are nice little epic items and a cool mount at exhalted.

“Players can slay rival NPCs and opposing faction players along the shore to earn commissions that can be spent to upgrade their faction’s base.”

Scary to be honest. I don’t want forced PVP crap.

Item upgrades

This is a cool new feature, although I’m curious if it’s going to be used much. I would probably only use it on best in slot items, seeing as it costs quite a bit of currency (Valor, HP) to use this feature. We’ll see how it turns out. But still a cool thing.

Alt leveling progress

For some bizarre reason I have not leveled much alts lately. Tried my little Druid, but the last couple of levels to get to 58 are a real drag, and to be honest, Druid DPS (kitty) is kinda slowish. It reminds me of Assassination Rogue a bit :-).

My Mage, dear god, is never going to make it. The only chance of getting this bugger to 90 is if I hire a Chinese professional and pay some dineros. Mage has got to be the most boring thing ever. Well, at low level anyway.

Huntard is slowly making his way into the Townlong Steppes grinding ores and progressing his Jewelcrafting along the way.


4 thoughts on “Patch 5.1 incoming

  1. The only way my mage does any sort of leveling is either through a dungeon or behind someone wearing plate. I think I did all of one quest in Pandaria before going “WELL SHIT” because my tendency is to STAND THERE, NOSE TO NOSE, AND NUKE THINGS IN THE FACE. This of course doesn’t work because OW OH MY GOD SQUISHY HELP HELP HELP MEEEEEEEE DAED.

    • Meh, level as Frost or Arcane. They’ve got built-in snares. Squishy only really becomes a problem in Cata, where you’ll find groups of mobs with waaaay too much health to burn down before they make it to you.

      That said, I deleted a lvl 85 mage back in Cata because the damn thing was about as exciting to play as the Fishing minigame. Guy had inscription, so I lost all of the glyphs I’d learned. Still worth it.

      I’m actually looking forward to 5.1 for one big reason – the Relic of Xuen. It’s a *really* nice trink, and if I can upgrade it to keep it viable for longer, so much the better!

      • Ahh the DMF trinket 🙂 Yeah they are pretty badass. I made my brother the caster DPS version the other day, he’s a happy panda now.

        I tried Frost, but I kinda don’t like the water elemental that follows you around all the time, looks stoopid imo.

        Arcane is even more dull, it doesn’t feel fun at all. Fire was nice visuals and oommph … but so slowish.

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