Opinions and the community

This poor story from a US player made me a sad panda. Okay not really but I’ve always wanted to say this.

“Out of 3 runs, I was called out twice. These were runs in which we didn’t wipe once (aside from a troll tank) and I was way above the 20k mark.

So – is this normal? Is 20k no longer ‘fine’ for a fresh 90?”

For starters, when entering a queue in LFD (or LFR) it is best to leave your brain at the entrance. Or even better, put it on ice or something. 20k DPS for a fresh 90 is normal, especially depending on your class.

I always have recount running while doing my DPS thing, but not to measure e-peen or something, but because I want to know if I’m improving. Especially playing Shadow Priest, and having to multiDOT everything all the time to make good DPS. But in the end, if you’re not in a progression guild and doing normals or heroics and you are pushing for a kill, DPS means little. Sure if everybody in your group is lowish, then the runn will take longer and blabla, but usually that is not the case.

Just the other day when doing freakin’ runs to get a damn trinket, me and my buddy were doing 60% of the total damage done in our groups. We were killing the place, and the other people weren’t. No big deal. We even got 2 tanks that were new to the dungeons, and they were glad to have such a smooth run.

Do you even bother when people are doing 20k DPS anymore?

The new LFR loot system is crap!

According to this dude.
I don’t agree. I like it. Sure you ‘need’ to do dailies to get the tokens for the extra rolls, but I believe it’s nice. And have gotten lucky a couple of times already. Just like I am unlucky when it comes to LFD trinket drops.

Plus, I feels like a casino slot machine. The only thing Blizzard needs to do now is add a rolling number window, and upon winning, have your screen buzz and make bling bling noises. Awesome!

Shamans are dying!

Patch 5.1 will make some serious changes to Shaman game play. All totems will now fall under spells, so a silence will prevent a Shaman to drop totems.

Quite frankly, this change means sh*t to me. I deleted my Shaman somewhere and the end of Cataclysm, because the chances to totems (no longer able to drop 4 at the same time) made me cry.

This is what happens when the top tier PVP players all tend to be Restoration Shaman healers.


19 thoughts on “Opinions and the community

  1. I hate the LFR loot thing, but that’s only because getting trolled all the way through LFR does NOT IN ANY WAY make an extra 20 something gold you’re probably going to win worth it. Fluck that sheeyit.

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