Epic rant incoming, be f*king warned

So, remember I need those trinkets? I’m stuck at ilvl 368, and my two crapola trinkets are holding me back. So for the past week, I’ve done nothing but heroics (25 runs or so) in hopes of getting a trinket drop.

So far, I’ve seen 2 trinket drops. And I’ve also seen 2 trinkets being needed by others claiming the offspec excuse. Sure, if you can roll on it, can’t really blame you for that. I blame Blizzard for not making all loot ingame similar to the LFR system, byt hey, who the fuck am I right?

Fuck RNG seriously dammit. Lost the roll to an enhancement Shaman. I hope this guy chokes on it…

So I keep on doing heroics, and heroics, and not seeing a goddamn trinket. And I’m seriously getting annoyed by it. Is this Blizzards idea of a fun way of spending time ingame? Because they need to wake the f*ck up. Newsflash, it’s not.

And then there’s the random idiots you encounter in this game

Scenario … enter heroic Scarlet Halls. Three seconds after zoning in the alpha male dog has to swing his dick around and the shit starts from there.

So the first tank left due to this guy being a total idiot, and after that I decided to entertain myself a bit and waste as much of this guys time as humanly possible. Which wasn’t very long because apparantly this guy did a vote kick on me, and seeing how everyone is braindead in LFD and automatically clicks yes, well, I ended right back in Pandaria. Which turned out to be super because Scarlet Halls doesn’t drop any trinkets anyway, so no debuff for me.

I salute you Kaiyden of Exhibition. If all your guild members are equal assholes like yourself, it must be a wicked place to hang out. Seriously, I am hoping for a local meteor shower at the place you live in the real world, where ever that may be.



2 thoughts on “Epic rant incoming, be f*king warned

  1. …not sure if that guy was trolling really well or just the worst team player IN THE WORLD.

    Scarlet halls in 10 minutes… yeah, you might want to pull up the challenge mode leaderboards and point out to him that the best players in the world, from guilds like Paragon and Method, haven’t made that time. Hell, Method managed 12 minutes and that was nearly a miracle.

    I either dungeon as a tank or healer or with a tank and/or healer, so we kick long before it gets to this stage. Or, if we’re guildies rather than my wife and I, counter-troll the poor bastard so hard he turns into an apoplectic nova. 😀 My guildies can get hilariously obnoxious when trolling.

    • 🙂

      Rolling with guildies sounds nice, the majority of my guild however is uber casual, and my buddy who I usually do LFD with was in a raid with his guild, so it was solo queue for me.

      Next time I’m just gonna shut up and not stick up for the tank or what ever. Just gonna be a mindless drone like everyone else :-).

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