Sitting on a cloud and being all hippie

Is what makes us Shadow Priests cool. Well, according to people on the internet. They may be right, but if it ain’t cool it certainly is convenient … like during fishing. No longer does one have to worry about getting their feet wet. Nope just walk on water, and if you are a glyphed cool Priest, you can do it in style and sit on a cloud.

And this wouldn’t be the same without some sort of little rant incorperated. Dying to a Rare Champion Elite mob because you have no tank minions and you wear cloth and you are fighting on top of a freakin’ mountain is not cool!

Even  not cooler is having to run 3000 miles over hills and mountains to get back to your body …

The little pink dot at the bottom of the map is my resident Paladin tank coming over to lend a hand. Well … I guess some Shadow Priests do have minions … /start evil laugh




3 thoughts on “Sitting on a cloud and being all hippie

  1. Haha … the Shield doesn’t do you much good when the mob creates these tornados and keeps eating your face the same time. I got swooped by a tornado, pretty much instagib kill.

    Maybe next time more focus on DOTs, although those alone don’t really bring a mob down fast enough. You really need your mind blast on these high health mobs. And that means standing still and casting. Also Vampiric Touch and Mind Flay require you to stand still.

    Kiting … you mean bring some Huntard power to the Priest class hé :-p. Good idea, I’ll try it next time. Although that mountain hill swarmed with evil maniac goats of doom didn’t seem appealing to me to kite through.

    Maybe I want a gun on my Shadow Priest, and a pet, lets call it a Shadow Huntard! That would be so cool, to be able to create your own hybrid class. Pick the spells and abilities from all the classes you like, you can have up to 10. Oh man … a gun wielding, undead minion ruling, shapeshifting Shadow Priest ! Admit it, you would love my game more !

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