It’s all about the numbers

At least that is what Blizzard likes to make us believe.

Some dungeons have this setup coming. A huge pack of mobs together. You know where it is, and the closer you get to it, the more anxious you get. You make sure to save all the super cooldowns, to have all the big guns ready. You’re on the tail of the tank to make sure you can go bananas the second he pulls the pack.
Come on, you know what I mean right?

Everybody loves big shiny yellow numbers on their screen!

RNG is a bitch and Blizzard felt that running dungeons was rewarding enough as is …

I still get acid burn everytime I say that out loud.
I must be extremely unlucky when it comes to loot drop in dungeons. Yesterday marked a new record. 7 consecutive runs and I didn’t even see one item that I could roll on. Plate and mail fest all over.

And then, when there finally is a piece of gear I can roll on as an upgrade, we get a replacement healer 2 minutes earlier that happens to be … guess … a Priest! And guess what, he rolled on it to, and won!

I did ask my buddy to ninja it for me, me promising to be a rightfully ninja douchebag remember? But I guess karma does actually exist, and it showed me never to fook with it.

Then for some weird reason I can’t even remember while doing the Golden Lotus dailies I decided to check out the GL quartermaster, and howly cow, what the hell does he sell? Freaking tailoring recipies for an epic chest and epic gloves … Arghhh … damn you Blizzard, why do all these quartermaster have to be in places you forget about in 10 seconds …

So fuck you Jobu, I do it myself! And I’m now the happy owner of an epic chest and gloves.


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