Shadow Priests are like Warlocks, only less

And that makes perfect sense right?

Shadow Priests are like fallen Priests, so they should resemble some of that I used to be a Holy man but now I’m just grumpy.

This is a Shadow Priest

Warlocks on the other hand are like the evil corrupted pits of doom forever doomed to hate the world, so it makes sense to have then embody the real Skeletor part of Shadow magic doomness.

And this is a Warlock

But that’s okay, I’m not that jealous of it, anymore. I’m starting to get some better DPS gear on my Priest, and I do notice stuff starts dying fast on me. Doing the daily Golden Lotus save the Pandas quests and all, that is golden.

I’m still stuck with 2 crappy green trinkets from hells, so I’m especially curious how the upgrading of these will make me do pewpew even more.

The only thing I really miss is a pet, a tanky pet. Being Shadow magic is all fine and dandy. But when things are continiously trying to eat your face, I really want a companion along for the ride. Something like Death Knights have, an undead minion under my control.


6 thoughts on “Shadow Priests are like Warlocks, only less

  1. No no no no. Shadow Priests are not like defunct, derpy warlocks.


    Warlocks can’t Levitate. Oh, and they can’t cast Leap of Faith to yank somebody back into the fire! Just don’t forget, Levitate is awesome. I guess if you want something practical, Power Word: Shield, but I like my Levitate. I like Mind Controlling my opponents, but I can never figure out what to do with them soon enough …

    Also, we get a shadowsquid! Well, if you choose the right talent. As a raging feminist, I much prefer a shadowsquid over the slutty succubus the male designers at Blizzard dreamed up. Gawd! The kissy kissy sound! The thong! The stupid laugh! I just want to punch that minion in the face! In contrast, the shadowsquid is adorably mind bendy and has tentacles.

    In any case, I like to pretend that a crisis of faith is a lot more DEEP AND INTERESTING in a fantasy world than it would be in real life.

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