Sha of Anger down, free epix inside

A friend and his guild were about to do the Sha of Anger encounter, a world raid boss in the Kun-Lai Summit. They were short of healers so I decided to tag along for the ride.

A guildie of mine just happened to tell me she killed it earlier and got a nice quest reward from it, so that was extra incentive.

A nice fight, not to hard once you have the mechanics down.

And once looted you had this Claw of Anger in your bag, that you needed to hand over to some dude in the Townlong Steppes. This raid boss also drops a lot of PVP epic gear, so that’s cool.

And you get flagged for PVP when you start this boss fight … I noticed this during the fight because several Alliance players tried to wipe us. Another world PVP incentive by Blizzard?

A fun timewaster, definately recommended to do at least once for the experience.


5 thoughts on “Sha of Anger down, free epix inside

  1. Sha doesn’t actually mark you. Here’s what invariably happens:
    a) Alliance douchecanals PvP mark and run around under the Sha waiting for…
    b) Horde mouth-breathers who AoE, which results in them being PvP marked, and…
    c) Healers end up healing these guys as the Alliance home in like hungry pirhana, which results in…
    d) Healers getting PvP marked, and…
    e) Spreading the PvP mark like herpes in South Beach Durban. By healing people, ironically.

    • Actually, having reread that, it’s a bit harsh on the guys using AoE, since you do need to kill quite a few adds and I’m pretty sure there are Horde who engage in such shenanigans as well.

    • Ahh seriously? I always thought using AOE attacks didn’t flag you that way. I remember questing a while ago and doing the Shadow Priest Mind Sear on a bunch of mobs while an Alliance dude was tagging a node (actually stealing my node), and it didn’t seem to hit him so in return it didn’t flag me.

      Maybe I’m just a 7y WOW noob lol.

      • Well, I managed to PvP mark myself by accidentally Swiping mobs in V4W a couple of days ago… lvl 90 druid had been trying to get me flagged by dancing around on my questgivers and mobs. I didn’t have him selected.

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