LFR healing is like uber, only not

I finished the last 3 bosses of the first LFR tier in MoP, and I got some nice thingies to show.

Made this myself. Yay for inscription!

But sadly, healing in LFR is really not fun. I’m the kind of healer that really hates over healing, so I tend to not spam a lot of AOE heals as a result. Only during several AOE heavy damage phases I go bananas and pewpew my Circle of Healing, Prayer of Healing and Cascade.

So there I was, doing my mana efficient thing, when I notice another Priest healer doing 56k HPS … wow … what the fuck? Healing like I always do made me go up to 25-27k, and I was keeping melee DPS alive like a pro, so what was wrong?

So I inspected the other healer, and noticed he was similar geared and Holy specced as well. So I payed some attention to his style … which was … spam. Spam spam spam. Did I mention he also ran out of mana a lot?

A good friend of mine recently got into a casual raiding guild, and they did their first normal the other week. He was top DPS (he’s a very good DPS btw) and he said he really enjoyed raiding for real.

I wish I had the time and didn’t have a severe case of alt-ti-ni-tis to try out real raiding. I dabbled a bit with real raiding in Cataclysm on my Death Knight, because a friendly guild of ours was having problems getting their DPS roster filled. I enjoyed the fights and all, but all the downtime in between wipes was a real killer for me.

And being stuck in a healing role is bleh. That’s also one of the changes I don’t like about the new loot system in LFR. The fact you always get healing gear as a healer. I wish we could choose a drop based on a spec we prefer.

My new Priesty look


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