Meh + bleh = Pftt

Sooo, nothing really exciting to report on the Rogue front, other than the usual gimp stuff, I see more and more Rogues complain and shelve their character for the moment.

As have I.

I’ve gotten my Priest up to ilvl 460 yesterday (what a drag), and did the first LFR (Vaults?) as Holy. It was the most boring experience ever. Enter AOE chakra stance and just spam the living crap out of AOE heals. Got 2 pieces upgraded, leggings and a ring.

I wish Priest healing was like Druid healing. Green blooming fluffy stuff all over the place. Meh.

My Hunter on the other hand is almost level 88. And I’m questing my ass of currently in the Kun-Lai Summit, pulling packs of mobs all over the place.

Actually, I encountered a rare Champion  while questing, and with me being to excited and fast I accidentally pulled the rare and 5 regular mobs along with it.

But no fear, I’m a master of the Beasts. So with my pet healing and pet tanking and traps and scatter shot and misdirect and AOE spam and Feign Death and Stampede and …………………. I totally dominated the entire zone! The fight took forever, or so it seems, but it never got ugly. Somehow I don’t see me doing that on my Rogue, or Priest.


2 thoughts on “Meh + bleh = Pftt

  1. Did the same last night with my bear druid. Saw a yaungol champ wandering through fire camp whatsit near the grummle bazaar, and just charged him down on the spot. Along with everything else that felt like partying. Took a while to bring ’em down, but that while’s a lot longer than my rogue would have lasted.

  2. Didn’t know Druid bears had that much power 🙂

    It’s been a while since I saw a Druid tank in a LFD. All I see is DKs and Warriors these days. Guess most people are as clueless as me when it comes to Druid tanks.

    There will be a day when I will be a tree healer. (38 levels to go :-/)

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