Why are some classes unbalanced, overpowered and have more mojo?

Well, probably because it is a hell to balance the game, but can there be other reasons? Like tin foil hat reasons?

Could it be that some classes, like Hunters for example, are just one of the most played classes in the game? What other classes do you encounter the most in your personal opinion? For me, it’s Hunters, Paladins and now lately Warriors.

So could it also be that, because class X (Hunters example) are the most played class in the game, the get a little more attention from the developers? A little more polish?
I’m taking Hunters here because of their talents. A lot of their talents are just cool. Especially the last tier. They get to pick out of 3 totally awesome “boom boom in your face” talents.

My tin foil hat theory is that a lot of new(er) players choose the Hunter class, and because of that, the Hunter class has received a lot of attention and polish.

And that actually makes sense, from a business and design perspective. If there are classes that are chosen more often, especially by new(er) players, it makes sense to give it a lot of attention, to make sure the players in question get to fall in love with the game etc etc.

Rogue power!

Ghostcrawler has been active on Twitter lately, and he’s talked a bit about Rogues as well.

WOW. So this is the first time Rogues get some kind of acknowledgement about the current state of their class. And also the reference to the Warrior is kinda shocking …

However our hopes get shot down right away after that. 5.1 will be a better environment? Auch, why would it be?

  A bit of twisted reasoning here. We’re not supposed to own another melee class, and we’re not front line fighters. Because we’re a sneaky stealthy leather wearing class. In other words, we can’t take a lot of beating.

OK, I’m all for that, but than that has got to have a trade-off in our advantage. Then we need more glass cannon stuff. Then we do need big hitting abilities coming from stealth. Then we do need to be able to kill people in a 5 seconds cheap shot. Right?

You’ve said so yourself. We’re not supposed to own in 1v1 equal setups. We’re not front line fighters meaning we’re not capable of engaging in ‘fair’ equal brawls right?

So where is our super burst from stealth? Where is the sneaky ownage from Rogues? Where is our unfair advantage we so need if we’re a sneaky stealthy class.


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