That’s it. Rogue is retired

Notice the Mage crits I’m getting hit with? In a matter of seconds???


I’m so tired of being a walking free kill for just about everybody. Stealth is highly overrated anyway …

Call me a FOTM rerolling noob. I just don’t care anymore. Hello brainless Huntard, here I come to join the ranks of yet another ranged pewpew class. Why actually try and play a sneaky bastard and get frustrated in PVP because everything is AOE spam all the time when I can just as easily pewpew from the other side of the map and spam /laugh /giggle at people while auto-shooting killing them.

Goddamn …


8 thoughts on “That’s it. Rogue is retired

  1. I know you’re being disparaging of us huntards, but woo! GO HUNTARDS! GO HUNTARDS!

    One more for the fold.

    Don’t be mad. Everybody has a little huntard in them, it just takes some longer to discover it.

  2. Hahaha, you are plain evil πŸ™‚

    Am I going to far by saying I feel ‘cheap’ every time I log my hunter character these days? Could it be my conscience nibbling away inside me?

    The dilemmas …

      • Hehe, both I’m guessing. Was trying to peel someone off a healer that was actually healing me, a Rogue!! So no matter what, my job was to make sure the healer got some distance to peddle back to our team.

        And the rant wasn’t about me dying, no way in hell I would have survived that ordeal. It’s the way I did.

        I was dodging a Warrior, gouging his bee-hind, stunning his plate butt, kiting a pet, trying to blind the Hunter … and then comes this one button wonder Mage and bambam … dead Rogue.

        That’s the part I’m frustrated about. Gouging and stunning and blinding and being a control-class (/cough /manic laugh) is all fun and games until someone on the other team presses two buttons and hits you for over 210k in 2 seconds… and I was wearing full PVP gear (mix crafted / HP) …

        But I guess you have a point somewhere, maybe a bit to much rant these days from my part 😦

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