Rogue is pretty decent in PVE, and frustrating in PVP (sometimes)

And that’s another reason Blizzard is having a super hard time balancing Rogues in PVP. Because they are doing fine and great in PVE.

Just an hour ago, I got up to ilvl 460. Yay for me. Finally Looking For Raid ready.

And so the first raid in Pandaria was visited by my little Rogue character. And I noticed how I, with crap gear, a mix of 450 and 463, was able to do very well. Okay, most people have no clue, there were deaths all over the place, but who cares right? Rogues are pretty darn decent in PVE. There, it’s out, lets not talk about that again.

First epic loot for me in Pandaria (in a raid)

Well, it’s still spammy and clutter like it was before. So much going on there, ADHD waiting to happen.

I also got a bit of transmogrifying done, and got a nice little mix of gear together. I’m not super convinced with it, but it will have to do for now.

And on the PVP front …

… it’s pretty much the same as Cataclysm, where healers are gods and certain FOTM classes with pocket healers are titans.

Holy Paladin, still the untouchable god of the battleground.

Put a certain unbalanced class (Warrior) and a certain godlike class (Holy Paladin) together and what do you get? The Untouchables!

I’m so hoping Rogue gets that powerfull feelign back when it’s better geared (PVP wise), because it will be a lonely experience otherwise at the graveyard …


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