Reasons to quit playing WOW

Well, according to this fellow on the US forums. Hey! Did you notice he’s a Rogue ?! (/chuckle)

And a nice thread I want to share as well, the current state of Rogues. It isn’t a crying post, but a nice list of why Rogue is, compared to others, still the same like it’s been over the past couple of years, and how all three specs play the same. Very nice.

Rogue last tier talent choice

I agree on this by shaking my fist a thousand times over. The last tier of talents is to put it mildly, very very boring. Nothing of real value in either PVP or PVE.

Sure anticipation is useful if you are lazy and tired and miss a finisher, but in reality, when you build up 5 CP, you finish, nothing fancy here.

Shuriken Toss is our ranged ablility, alowing us to throw a ninja-star thingy and do damage. Waw … so they are making us into a ranged class or what?
When do I use this? When I’m rooted and can’t get to my target? When a Mage or Druid is nuking the living shit out of me? Why in earth would I want a ranged ability? Why in hell would I want to be at range in the first place? Sure to apply a poison perhaps, but in reality, when you’re at range and rooted or what not, your pretty much f00ked anyway these days.

Versability allows us to use Redirect without a cooldown. Again, I have not used that in PVP at all. Maybe I’m doing it wrong and maybe I just suck monkeyballs, but target swapping as a Rogue in PVP must be Blizzards idea of a joke.
In PVE redirect is usefull, at times. In dungeons, forget about it, to fast, to spammy. During quests and dailies, I tend to use that on occasion.
But again, this talent is a waste of space.

So, one really has no choice but to agree on Rogue complaints. Our level 90 talents suck hardcore. I want this, and this, and that.


2 thoughts on “Reasons to quit playing WOW

  1. Lemme QQ for a second on the level 90 priest talents – where’s the one that’s obviously evilly Shadow? IT DOES NOT EXIST. For crap’s sake, let me explode my shadowsquid or Mind Control half of my party or shoot shadow beams out my eyeballs!

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