The good, the bad and the ugly

Some rage now and then in a random LFD group makes things interesting. As said before, I’m focusing on my Rogue at the moment, and I switched to Assassination for PVE purposes. Meaning I have unbelievable crap daggers, making my DPS meh. Not bad, just meh.

So I wanted a new dagger (heroic 463). Enter Scarlet Halls, because rumor has it there is a nice dagger to be found over there.

Scarlet Halls, the home of Armsmaster Harlan, a big bad boss that is so easy to kill, if you are not brain dead. At some points in the fight, he does an attack called Blades of Light, making him swirl through the room spinning an attack. You see the attack coming miles away, so you move up the stairs, wait a bit until he moves up, and then jump down. Nothing fancy right?

Wrong. For some reason, the people in my party yesterday didn’t manage to get the jumping down part, and wiped time after time, making me the only man standing.

So after two wipes because people just didn’t have a clue I told them what to do. Not in the most friendly way, but firm as in stop sucking please.

The Paladin in the group then felt it necessary to link recount, showing him as top DPS, and me in third. Not surprising, seeing as I have shit daggers and haven’t been really lucky with heroic gear drops lately.

Of course I told him that his 50k DPS didn’t really matter seeing how he died 40 seconds into the fight. I also told him he could have 100k DPS and it still wouldn’t matter if he kept on sucking and dying to attacks advertised 2 years in advance.

It then got ugly real fast, insults flying all around. I was still dead on the floor at the time, didn’t feel the need to run in and do all this crap again with people to stupid to jump … argh.
So at one point they kicked the healer, god knows why, and waited for a replacement.

I then got real ninjaah sneaky, and initiated a vote kick on the Paladin with the reason ‘Kick rogue noob pls’. With all the people in LFD these days being brain dead they all clicked accept without reading proper, and tadaa, the Paladin got his ass kicked out of the dungeon. Man the epic of that moment was golden.

I’m really at the verge of snapping one of these days. The amount of fucking retards you encounter in this game is not encouraging for the human race.

I hate running LFD. I just want my dagger, get LFR ready and leave the shit pool of LFD behind me.

I am so NOT interested in socializing anymore, I hate seeing other players in a zone, I detest having to endure other people around a mob or a quest hub, and I especially wish I could gank / kill / grief my own faction in this game.

From now on, and this is a fucking promise, I will grief the shit out of everything. I will play the Rogue class to the extreme. I will be selfish, anti-social, rude and annoying all the way. I will be the personification of the WOW community as it is today.


9 thoughts on “The good, the bad and the ugly

  1. Confession: I SUCK AT GETTING OUT OF THE WAY OF BLADES OF LIGHT. In fact I have gotten swept up in it WHILE MIDAIR JUMPING DOWN. The game also likes to tell me that I have died TWICE, which was obvious the first time thankyouverymuch, and also that he either goes left or right, which is not helpful BECAUSE I WASN’T ANYWHERE NEAR BUT I DIIIIIIED.

    I literally warn the entire party now before the fight starts. I will die. I WILL DIE. You heard me, IT’S GOING TO HAPPEN. I KNOW it’s easy. It doesn’t seem to matter at all. I may make it through 98% of the fight only to die in Blades of Light at the last freaking minute, but I will die.


    • He does a fake move every time that’s right. In fact I believe the Armsmaster is an old football tackler or something, so he has some slick moves.

      Actually, the fight and encounter is easy 🙂
      But you get coolpoints for actually telling that to your partymembers in advance lol.

    • If only that was possible /insertsadpandaface.
      I’m on EU servers, didn’t you notice my unbelievable crappy use of da engliesch language?

      Actually it’s not that bad. Euhm wait, actually it is … Maybe I’m just getting to old for this. Where’s pacman when you need him.

      Your comment put a smile on my face though 🙂

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