First time PVP in random BGs this expansion

As a subtlety Rogue even! And I kinda liked it. I bought a 463 dagger of the AH for 5000 gold, thanks to a lovely guildie, because I’m shitty (read: lazy) at making money.

My DPS and overall performance is decent thanks to a crafted set of Contended Leather (by the same guildie yay).

Subtlety has pretty nice burst DPS, and does OK pressure DPS if needed. But it is clear that the difference of a random battleground VS arena is obvious.

A random battleground is pure chaos most of the time. Most players are strangers, no communication, little co-operation. A Rogue (ninjaah) thrives on this sort of thing. You stealth behind the enemy lines, await your opportunity. Or you seek out an easy target, someone low on health … the chaos makes all this possible.

Arena (2v2) (3v3) is the total opposite. You enter the ring, and you know who and what you are up against. It’s a very controlled environment, a lot of it is predictable (in a way). This is very anti Rogue. Your stealth doesn’t add the same as in a random BG.

Instead, the unpredictable offensive nature of stealth is put against you, and you are put in the defensive because the opposing team will make sure to get you out of stealth as fast as possible.

In arenas, Rogues are put in a defensive, controlling role. Add to that the somewhat wacky mobility compared to other classes, the real lack of burst damage due to ramp up and set up time and the low survival outside of Smoke Bomb, Evasion, Cloak of Shadows.
And when you are in a defensive controlling, damage lacking role, your team is better of with an other class like Warrior or Death Knight or a Hunter. More power, more pressure, more defense and more offense.

This may sound negative, but the experience yesterday made me pleasantly happy. I didn’t expect to do so well, even when I had crap gear compared to what’s available already to others playing PVP longer than my character in this expansion.

The huge factor adding to my pleasure was my play style. As a Rogue, you really need to pick your moments to unleash the monkey. Going Conanstyle face to face with a Warrior, DK or Paladin is a sure way to get your butt handed to you, knowing your gear is at very basic entry level. So I picked my moments well. Clothies, especially Warlocks, were my favorite targets.

I did notice the absolute king of CC … fear. The amount of fears on my behind were disgusting. And more because it last so damn long. Thankfully I don’t need a trinket because of Will of the Forsaken.

I’m going to continue experimenting with my Rogue in BGs. I love the ninja part, the fact that you can be a decisive factor in a situation because of your stealth, either bursting someone down (healers) or just by putting pressure on a key target.
I honestly believe a lot of people complaining about some aspects of Rogues are simply people who are better of playing a different melee class.

That doesn’t mean I believe Rogues are perfectly balanced, they obviously have serious issues, mainly because other classes have overpowered issues. We could use tweaks and improvement, but this will never happen (or not in a way that would buff Rogues tremendously).

Rogues in random BGs are doing fine. I’m noticing this is crap gear, so it will only improve when my gear gets better. Rogues do have issues in arenas, that is for sure. But that’s mainly because of what I wrote above.

If Blizzard changes/tweaks/buffs Rogues to make them more viable/powerful/suvival in arenas, then these tweaks would also be present in random BGs. And Rogues would be to powerful then, in those situations.

Again, playing a Rogue means adjusting your play style. Get out of the call of Duty modus. You are not a Warrior, or a DK. You don’t zerg into an opponent wacking your buttons expecting critical strikes all the time. No, Rogue actually requires you to play chess.

That’s right, Rogue requires you to think. It also requires you to know about your opponent, what abilities does he have, how many stun, snares … and plan accordingly. Like playing chess. You don’t make a move unless you have thought about the next 3 moves after that.

Again, if you don’t like that then you’re much better of playing a Warrior or DK. Put on a plate helmet, run in and kill kill kill. Orc smash!

Rogue isn’t the champion winning contender, it isn’t the spotlight hero. A Rogue is a grey mouse, and it is supposed to be like that.


3 thoughts on “First time PVP in random BGs this expansion

  1. [Predictable “I’ll think of my next 3 moves while I wait for energy to regen” here]

    The rogues I respect most in BGs are harrassers. I play plate classes in general, and play defensively, which is unusual in PuGs. The rogue that can appear from nowhere and nibble our guys away from a control point, or sap a foe and dance his buddies out of the flag room… overall rogues have a great toolbox for getting other people to do what they want.

    Of course, I’m terrible at all this. 😀

  2. Hehe, I’m learning every day as well. It’s so easy to fall into the spam button trap and rage when you don’t get a killing strike.

    That’s exactly the Rogue play style you described. Harrassers. Cool thanks for that word, didn’t think of that myself 🙂

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