The awesomeness of your class …

… Is determined by Blizzard?

A post by Grumpy Elf about the awesomeness of the Hunter class made me think about my current class I’m playing, namely Rogue.

I agree on a lot of things he wrote about the Hunter class, and also a lot of the things he wrote are pretty much the reason I’m not playing my Hunter in MoP.

I’d love to write about why, and then silently skip to the Warrior class, and talk about how fucked up that is at the moment. But to what use?

So the Rogue class … yeah … It seems a lot of Rogues are complaining about things. A lot of different things.

I’m still not going to comment on PvP because I haven’t tried that yet on my Rogue, but PvE wise, it’s becoming a drag. Everything is an AoE fest, and in order to succeed at that it is Blade Furry spam crap FTW. I’m desperately waiting for two daggers to drop so I can switch to Assassination, and at least try out Subtlety.

I still love the Rogue, the stealth, the ninjahood, but dammit, I want my daggers and start going from there.

At least my buddy refers to me as his personal buff bot. You see, Rogues have this little trick that buffs peoples damage 15% for 6 seconds. I use it on my buddy instead of the tank. When we time it right his damage usually goes up to 90k-100k. In the dungeon runs yesterday his overall damage done was about 46.5% of the entire group. Yep that’s right, he was responsible for 46.5% of all damage done …

So that makes me a buff bot.

So at the moment, I’m not really feeling the awesomeness of being a Rogue. Sure my gear is pretty crap, and I keep reading Rogues are very gear dependent. And that this will feel better once the LFR gear starts coming in.


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