Addons I use

I’m not an addon junkie, but sometimes there are a few that really make your gaming life easier. Here’s some I like to use.


Basically a must have. Not to gloat, not to link all the time, but to learn. Are you dong things correct? Are you improving? If you are a bit serious in the PvE aspect of the game, then yeah, you want to see if you are doing your best. Also usefull to see if someone is slacking in your party!


The ability to customize your hot bars. You know, the thingies you put your abilities in and all? The Blizzard default UI is kinda lacking, and once you get used to Bartender and set up your own interface a bit, you will never want to go back to the default UI.

Tidy Plates

I can’t live without this anymore. So useful to easily see the health of enemies, what spells or abilities they throw at you. Again, the default Blizzard UI is so meh.


A replacement for the default cast bars. Bigger, better.


Adds tons of options to the chat windows. A major improvement. Again, why Blizzard doesn’t implement this by default …


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