Brawler’s Guild another time sink. What’s new Blizzard?

The new Brawler’s Guild being added Patch 5.1 will require you to purchase an invite from the Black Market Auction House. If you aren’t able to purchase an invite, someone else who is already in the Brawler’s Guild can invite you.

“Why put Brawler’s Guild pass on the BMAH? Now I’ll just never see it because I hate the BMAH. 
The experience won’t be good if 1000 players hit the brawls when the patch drops. We need to ramp up slowly, but we’ll ramp up. 

From what I have seen its not instanced. You literally have to wait in line for your turn.Hope I’m wrong 
It is not instanced. We have plenty of instanced content. We want these to have spectators. 

Seems like a design failure. Shouldn’t have to bow and scrape to the 1% in game to see content. Not a good feels. 
I expect everyone who wants to brawl will be able to. Just not the day the patch goes live. Slow down, as the Pandaren say.”

Euhm … ok?
Especially the last quote. Did he just say ‘Hey if you’re not the 0.1% rich dudes on the server, or if you don’t buy gold from farmers, then it sucks to be you.‘ ?

So they add new content, only to make sure a super tiny percentage of people get to see it, because they have shit loads of in game gold from either farming, playing the AH or just buying it.

Why does everything this expansion HAVE to be a goddamn time sink. And why does it have to be so goddamn plain in sight? At least try to hide it a bit, try to wrap it around … euhm lets see … FUN?

Every goddamn thing is a time sink with Blizzard. That is probably how they start their meetings too. Fun doesn’t even come in the equation anymore, it’s all about efficieny from a business point of view. Time sinks time sinks  time sinks = profit (At least that is what they think).

How do we make sure players don’t burn through content & how do we drag more playtime out of everything?

  • Add artificial gateways for gear, valor points, mounts, recipies
  • Put a cap on everything
  • Hide ‘endgame’ content behind dailies
  • Add the CRZ feature to increase competition for everything making sure the value of in game gold goes up

And now the Brawler Guild to.

“I expect everyone who wants to brawl will be able to. Just not the day the patch goes live. Slow down, as the Pandaren say.”

What is he thinking?

You know what I would do if I had a shit load of in game gold? And I mean a real shitload. I would keep on buying the vouchers off the BMAH all the time, and sell them for profit, the Ferengi way. Alts enough.

You want to buy a voucher? Pay up.
You want an invite to the club? Pay up.

So we are all paying the same amount of subscription fee every month, and  here is the lead designer of WOW telling you you will be able to do this content somewhere in the foreseeable future. Because hey, people with shit loads of gold are soooo generous in WOW they are bound to invite everyone and their mother right? Because WOW is a happy place and a community that cares for each other right?

A quick admission, I wasn’t excited about the Brawler’s Guild to begin with. I mean if it was instanced and blabla, sure, it would be like scenarios, only solo, which would be cool.
But no, now you get to wait in line to access this feature, oh wait, only after you are either lucky enough to have a rich friend or guild, or when we are 5 month from now, according to Ghostcrawler.

Why would you be stupid enough as a designer to even say this out loud, in writing even?

“I expect everyone who wants to brawl will be able to. Just not the day the patch goes live. Slow down, as the Pandaren say.”

Man, just reading that makes me angry. The arrogance … We’ve released new content, but if you’re unlucky (90% of the players) you won’t be seeing it any time soon.

Why would you say that out loud? Why would you write that? As a designer? As a lead designer? Why would you shit on 90% of your customers? Why would you laugh and put 90% of your players down like that?

Did they ninja replace GC with Jay Wilson? Fuck us all then …

Quick addendum.
The community is divided enough already. There’s the casual vs hardcore debate, there is the good vs bad player debate. Keep going like this at your own pleasure. So now, they add some more fracture to the game. The rich vs the poor, the rich vs the very rich. So what is going to happen once this goes live?
Rich buggers buying off this crap, selling the invites for even more gold, and playing the brawl thing. And we all get to spectate the no-lifers. I so hope there is chat available when they are in the brawl thingy. Prepare for a shit storm of no lifer comment there…


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