Are Rogues the crap class in WOW?

I’ve been looking up a lot of info about Rogues lately, I do that a lot. Whenever I shift my focus on a character I go Sherlock mode for some reason.

And there is a lot of talk from the Rogue people, on various places. The official forums, everywhere. Complaints about the state of the class, the underpowered-ness, the outdated feeling, … you name it.

This post is a funny one. Rogues venting about being a Rogue. Welcome to the Rogue support hotline. Please introduce yourself!

“Hi , my name is Cariad and today I killed a warrior 1v1 . I worry that he will level to 85 soon and get revenge.”

“Hi, my name is Kreitch. I figured I’ll post in this thread while i wait for energy to regen for my next attack.”

Now, I haven’t tried PvP yet on my Rogue, and I’m not sure if it’s going to happen. Actually I’m not sure PvP at all is going to happen this expansion. The unbalance is strong this time, and Blizzard in its epic ways is mysterious as always.

I did ding to level 89 yesterday, and to be honest, the Ku-Lai Summit zone is not posing this huge brick scaling wall I thought it would. I remember on my Shadow Priest shit hit really hard and the scaling felt to big. But I don’t feel it as much on my Rogue.
Sure having 4 mobs on your ass is a nuisance, and add to that the AoE mechanics of a Rogue are goddamn annoying. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve started spamming Fan of Knives only to find out I forgot to target a mob and as a result didn’t generate any combo points, leaving me shit out of luck because you can’t use your AoE finisher Crimson Tempest.

Oh, and dungeons are kind of a joke as a Rogue to. Everything is an AoE fest, so as a Combat Rogue, you just Blade Fury all the time while using Fan of Knives.

I am very curious to using the Subtlety spec. After all, this really screams Rogue to me. Attacking from behind, swift and fast and furious. Yeah right, as if. The behind part, check. The swift fast and furious part, hmm, not so much I guess.

But I’m still liking the Rogue class at the moment. And I am definately liking the DPS part of dungeons. So little responsibility, so little care, so little pressure. The other day I did a dungeon or two while photoshopping on my laptop, and I still came out on top. This says more about my fellow players I assure you, but man, the relax. God what a feeling. No wonder people prefer to play DPS shit. And it really makes me wonder why on earth a lot of people feel the need to shit on tanks and healers.


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