Working on another character, this time it’s Ninja time

Also know as the Rogue class. I have this fellow for a long long time now, and he used to be my dedicated herbalism / alchemy puppet. So needless to say, I haven’t played him in a long long time, and god knows I forgot pretty much everything about Rogue-hood.

I am however in love with the stealth thing. Oh how I fondly remember the days of classic WOW, running around as a Sub Rogue, Ambushing the living daylights out of pretty much everything.

Reality checked in pretty darn fast for my Rogue. Gone are the days of being a bad ass ninja that hits like a truck in the blink of an eye. You can quote me on this, but I’m sure that Rogues are now the melee Warlocks. What is up with the damage over time abilities? The poisons and all? What is up with Ambush hitting like a wet noodle?

But, and this is the weird part, I’m very much liking Rogue-hood at the moment. Sure the class has issues, god it has issues. But hey, I’m a ninjaaaaa!

Obvious playing a Rogue to the best of its abilities will require a ton of skill. It’s not like an Arms Warrior charging into shit and AoE’ing the crap out of everything. It’s definately not like a Retribution Paladin and just … meh … bore everything to death (God Ret Paladin is booooring, you can so quote me on that too).

I keep reading complaints about Rogue being broken and under powered. For PvP, I can relate. Having crap mobility, and mediocore survival abilities is a serious handicap in PvP. Not to mention the rampup time needed for a Rogue to build up damage on a target, and the fact that you have to be on the target … well … skill is a must?

For PvE, not so much. The few dungeons I’ve done so far are a blast, and I’m usually 1st or 2nd DPS, depending on the fight.

Playing as a DPS is uber for a lot of things, and crappy for some others.

+ You have 0.0001 responsibility in a dungeon group other than doing DPS and not standing in bad things.
+ Not necessary to aquire two sets of gear.
+ Can spend Valor and Honor points on one set.
+ Easier to level (debatable).
+ Overall less stress

– Long queue times

Hmm, are the gods trying to tell me something?


4 thoughts on “Working on another character, this time it’s Ninja time

  1. Remember, queue times are only a problem until you get to scenario level.

    Guessing Ambush was nerfed to help balance low lvl PvP… which is absolutely hilarious if you look at how it’s actually “balanced” at the moment.

  2. I remember classic WOW days as a Rogue. Ambush was your best friend in most situations, and it hit like a truck if set up right.

    I haven’t even put it on my toolbar this time … which is so weird. Why would I ambush anything as a Rogue right?

    So queue times as DPS are better level 90? Really? Are you sure? Why is that? I’ve only had the pleasure of queueing as a tank or healer, so wait times are really new to me 🙂

    • Scenarios. You can queue for a scenario and a dungeon at the same time, and your dungeon should pop up just as you get out of the (instant-queue) scenario. Effectively two instant queues, provided you don’t mind queueing for both.

      My brother’s playing a rogue atm… he opens with Mutilate rather than the traditional Garotte. Openers don’t seem very strong in general.

      • Ohh I hadn’t even thought of queueing for both at the same time … doh!

        I’m playing Combat atm to level my Rogue. It feels better and faster. I have read that Assassination is better single target DPS, so I might be tempted to switch. Alot depends on the weapon drops i will be getting from Heroics or LFR soon, hopefully.

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