Sometimes you gotta stick it to the MAN!

Sometimes you really have to stick it to the man!

To follow up on the ‘Cross Realm Zone’ thing from Blizzard I spoke of earlier, I read this on the EU forums. It’s a quote from a US player, in regards to the bliss/fiasco that is know as CRZ. You can make up your own mind. I’m not putting it in block quotes because it’s kinda long and that would make it uneasy to read.

This is the same company that introduced the LFG tool so people could play single-player and not have to worry about socialising with other people on their realm in order to secure a dungeon group. A tool that teleported the player from anywhere in Azeroth right to the dungeon entrance because travelling was so inconvenient. A tool that placed you with random people from random realms because hey – who needs social contacts?!

This is the same company that felt raiding tiers were an unnecessary grind and so decided to implement a progression system that revolved around farming the same 5 man dungeons throughout an entire expansion – all of which could be safely done from within the comfort of your capital city. The best bit? You didn’t even need to know anyone since you could sign up solo.

But..this meant the world was empty and barren, with only farmers, questers and some old fashion players really only bothering to venture out. So Blizzard’s response? Why, remove every single group quest in the game of course! Why have these silly group quests which forced people to socialise and team up, when the world was empty anyway. All it did was slow people down. Taking steps to put people back in Azeroth would have meant doing a complete U turn on the direction of the game!

Of course this all created a wonderful in-game culture where basically everybody ignored everyone and just got on with “their own thing”. Justice points? Queue. Honor points? Queue. Need to level? Queue. Sure its better with friends and a nice guild – if you still had any due to WoW’s earlier legacy. But otherwise, you don’t need any to progress.

Except of course raiding..still the last shining bastion of coordinated group play. Still a social group activity that would require travelling to an instance. That was until LFR of course. Now if you can’t find a raiding group that suits your needs all you need to do is..that’s right, queue. All from the safety of your local capital city!

So after all these years, and all these wonderful tools that have really enhanced and improved the realm communities and brought us all together (note the sarcasm, please), Blizzard has suddenly realised that there is no one in Azeroth any more. /GASP. Despite all the intelligent and insightful posts that were ignored over the years, they still have no idea how all of this occurred! I mean, this never happened in Vanilla, or TBC, or early Wrath..people LOVED the world then. What the hell happened?!

So since X-ream dungeons and raids have been such a great and shining example of how anonymous players – free of the ties of close knit and self-policing communities – play so nicely together and are so incredibly politce, lets just implement that entire experience into the WHOLE OF AZEROTH. Deathwing eat your heart out – you thought you could sunder the world? Just look what Blizzard has achieved!

Not only does crossing a zone boundary now give you 3 seconds of screen freeze/loading blurb as the servers try to figure out what the hell you are trying to do, but like a beautiful mirage, you can expect that nice rare spawn you glanced at from across the zone boundary to disappear just as you approach it! Remember what first attracted you to the World of Warcraft?

That, oh what did they call it…”persistant online world”, free of loading screens between zones. Well say good bye to that and say hello to a wonderfully fragmented and delightfully apartheid play experience!

So brace yourselves to interact with random strangers from other realms, whose only purpose for exploring the modern world of warcraft is to compete with you as you try to farm nodes or rares, complete those oh so challenging non-group quests (helpfully nerfed to ensure you wouldn’t want to work together), or gank you and generally try to ruin your day.

Confused at the purpose of CRZ? Spare a thought for poor Blizzard, who rather obviously have little clue either.”


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