Blizzard and CRZ

This is what Blizzard blues say:

“Despite a few lingering technical issues, we’re happy with how CRZ is populating the leveling areas with other players, and helping to once again foster MMO social experiences in the 1-85 content.”

Foster MMo social experiences? What game are they playing? When was the last time you fostered social experiences in WOW outside you guild/friends list? Oh right, around classic WOW right?

This really shows how much Blizzard:

* All play on a magical private gummybear server
* OR * Don’t play their own game at all
* OR * Have no clue what so ever

The only thing that is being fostered with the CRZ feature are the bots farming and farming and farming together now.

This reply from a player pretty much nails it, with Blizzard ofc totally ignoring it.

“May I ask how you know this? How do you measure whether “social experiences” are on the rise, and what does that mean exactly? Do you monitor whether people from different realms are talking to each other and/or grouping in CRZ zones? I’m genuinely curious, because I have not really noticed a difference while leveling alts lately. People just go about their business separately, as always.

Tadaa … glad I’m not the only one saying it.

“When a community building addition like CRZ is implemented, and I’m wishing every player I saw was a member of the other faction so I could kill them, I venture to say you’ve failed to have the desired effect.”

Awesome! I like this guy.


3 thoughts on “Blizzard and CRZ

  1. “Oh, you’re camping for a rare pet that only shows up every few hours? Here, have fun competing against your entire battlegroup!”
    “Oh, you want a weather-dependent pet? Pity our weather code doesn’t handle cross-realm zones properly! Have fun camping forever if you’re on the wrong server!”

    Etc. You get the idea.

    I don’t know. Being able to cross into another realm when invited via realid was great, and I really do like seeing people out in the world… but sharing of resources was poorly managed, for all that the designers screech about “expecting a certain level of competition”. All it leads to is selfishness, and that’s not a positive interaction.

  2. Exactly!

    A lot of these new features are in the game for one reason only, to create as much as a time sink possible and to make sure the devaluation of gold is put to an end, which in return, creates another time sink for the players.

    I got a fabulous quote from the US forums from a player, I’m putting it up in a post. It’s a very harsh worded ‘rant’ but it hits the mark on so many levels.

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