Are dailies as awful as people say + bad people bad

You bet your sweet behind it is. I don’t like em, but you are kinda ‘forced’ to keep doing several factions every day, especially as an enchanter for instance, if you want that sweet shiny weapon enchant from the Shado-Pan faction.

My advice for the dailies? Get a friend along, get the dailies together, pull/tag/steal/ninja/chain pull as much as you can as fast as you can. And throw him/her some heals on occasion. That’s the fastest, most interesting way I can think of. At least then there’s a challenge.

Bad people bad!

A post on MMO Champion caught my eye. It’s an interesting thread that, well, gets derailed fast, but there are some nice opinions by various people.

” Community: Let’s face it, it’s horrible. I don’t think it’s limited to WoW, by any means (all of internet seems to be getting worse, as far as behavior goes) but with this game being so old and established, it’s much worse than in most other games. I’d probably have a mild interest in some PvE, at the very least scenarios, if people weren’t so annoying and unpleasant. But, they are, so I don’t do it. PvP is different, since it’s a lot more flexible in what you can do as an individual. But still, the community is awful. “

Yep he nailed it with the bold part :-).

I feel exactly the same way, only I don’t avoid the PvE aspect of the game because of it. I like dungeons and raids. But it does affect me. When I enter a dungeon with strangers, I enter it with my daggers drawn, ready to stab you in the eye if need be. LFD is a dog eat dog world, and the biggest dog wins.

LFD brings out the worst in me. But in my defense, only when I’m being called out for no reason, or when I encounter a human being who adds nothing to our species.

The above screenshot was taken yesterday, upon zoning in the dungeon. I let the schmuck die twice in hopes of educating him, but alas, that didn’t really work out. I slept better knowing I tried to do my part in the educational process that is WOW LFD.

What do other people do when they encounter twats like this? Do you avoid LFD? Do you say nothing and let it be?

I had a conversation with a friend the other day, and she hasn’t set foot in any of the new dungeons because she’s afraid to heal them (she’s a holy priest as well). She just doesn’t want to deal with the abuse and idiotic people. And that’s kidna sad is it not?


2 thoughts on “Are dailies as awful as people say + bad people bad

  1. I tend to just stop healing them, but once they notice what I’m (not) doing the worst offenders will just stand back and do nothing while the tank blithely carries on.

  2. Thanks for your comment 🙂

    I’m doing this as a rule now, not healing people besides the tank and a guildie if present. The abuse as a healer is truly agonizing these days. It’s Cataclysm heroics all over again hehe. Even though most of the heroics are terribly easy it is fascinating to see how many people have problems with the most simple rules and events.

    ShadoPan Monastary first boss, the one who throws down lightning aoe spots on the floor… the amount of tanks who just keep standing in the aoe spot, and the amount of melee DPS who keep standing in it as well is astonishing …

    Sometimes I wish WOW has a chatroullete feature, that you could click and see the party member behind his/her computer screen while playing. Would explain alot at times, or not :-p

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