Random thoughts + Healing pain

My little Holy Priest needs 6 more ilvls to have access to Looking For Raid. Until then it’s Heroics time, and a pain it is with complete strangers.

If Tanking makes you angry, then Healing makes you blue. At least it does for me.

Yesterday marked yet again another day to loose faith in humanity. Scene: Entering Heroic instance (Brewery) through LFD. Present are myself (Healer), a guildie DPS and 3 randoms, including a random DK tank.

I buff up everyone, and we start moving through the narrow corridors. So does the tank, and he starts pulling the first pack, then keeps moving to the next pack, and then the next pack … without stopping once. Now in case you haven’t noticed, a healer, an especially a Holy Priest, needs to stand still in order to cast most of his heals.
So moving from one pack to the next and the next without using a single defensive cool down, as a tank, isn’t the smartest thing to do.

So he died, and then we all died. Immediately right after, the Shaman DPS calls out on me: “Kick healer then”.

Eh?? Kick me? For what exact reason?
/Engage apeshit-mode

We run back in, and I tell me guildie DPS to not do anything. Trusty Borg drone he is he /sits and awaits the show. The tank rushing in to the next pack, and tanks, and tanks, and tanks. Now I have to say, that DK sure could take a beating. But alas, he bit the dust after 45 seconds. The Shaman DPS followed right after. My trustworthy Borg drone and I promptly ran out of the dungeon entrance after watching his body fall to the floor.

So I kindly (/sarcasm) reminded then to not piss off the replacement Healer they soon would be getting. And then I got kicked out of the group. Oh the fun and games.

Which gets me to my very long point … it is always the Healers fault for a wipe. Never mind the tank who pull more than he can chew, never mind the tank who doesn’t use defensive cool downs at all. Never mind the DPS who keeps standing in the fire magic beam of DEATH. No, when death comes, it is the Healers fault. Always …

Being GOD has its disadvantages.


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