The healing game is like being GOD

And I like it.

I like tanking, but healing sure has a different twitch to it.
We now have 2 other people in the guild that like tanking, and love doing it. And my Priest character is still officially my main character, so I guess he is going to get some more attention/love from now on.

I usually group up with my Tank and DPS friend and to run a dungeon in the LFD tool, and therefor, it gives use quite some leverage. So we abide by our rules, that are actually very simple:

Don’t act like a smuck, don’t talk like a smuck.

If you start your very first sentence in partychat with the following, you are in for one rough ride.

Yeah, we hate to see that. And we hate to see that even more 0.5 seconds after we zoned in the dungeon. That’s when I go evil-mode. That is when I, as a healer, will do everything possible to make your next 30 minutes in this dungeon a living hell.

I will:

* Tell you ‘No we can’t do your dungeon collect items quest because we are GOGOGO people and don’t have time
* Not heal your sorry ass, at all.
* Make sure to link recount often if you suck ass at your DPS job.
* Use Leap of Faith to pull you away from mobs while you are DPSing
* Make sure to link recount often if you suck ass at your DPS job (again).
* Use Leap of Faith when you are low on health to put you in bad stuff that will kill you.
* Not resurrect you after I just LoF killed you.
* Make sure to initiate a vote kick right before the final boss of the dungeon if you were stupid enough to stick it out.

If you were to ask me ‘Beetle, are you a horrible person?’ I would say no, I’m not … at least, not often. But I sure do have a dark side. And you better not be the reason for it to surface. Because I will go apeshit on your ass.

– adj. An undignified loss of control, as in “To go apeshit”.

– Extreme anger or a state of insanity stemming from anger. When someone goes fucking crazy.

– A state of anger and rage that produces behavior more closely resembling that of an enraged ape than a human.


3 thoughts on “The healing game is like being GOD

  1. Evil is relative, but crazy is crazy.

    Alas, when I’m on my Huntard, my only option is to start a votekick and hope the others agree “kicking the jerk” > “doing the rest of the dungeon with the jerk.” I try to come up with funny reaso … wait! I just had the obvious thought you probably had a year or more ago … I should totally use Misdirection + Barrage on that person! YES. BRILLIANT.

  2. To each their own of course 🙂
    Everyone has their own personal limits, and mine has been reached now with MoP and doing Heroics again. I remember it was similar in Cataclysm, but not so extreme.

    In every dungeon I do in the LFD, there is always a person going ‘gogogo’ 3 seconds after zoning in. I just can’t take it anymore. The amount of anonymous crap people pull … no I prefer my evilness at the moment.

    If you can’t beat em join em?

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