Later, I’m doing my dailies

I notice this often. When thinking about what to do, a scenario or a dungeon, I’m like ‘Oh wait I have to do my dailies first’. And it sucks. The dailies suck. I hate having to do them surrounded with 20 other people spamming the living shit out of their spells and abilities.

What happened to immersion? What happened to the goddamn world? It’s NOT exciting and fun to see people mounting and dismounting and standing on top of the NPCs and AoE’ing every mob in a 50 mile radius.


I want to be phased. I want to be alone in the goddamned zone without other players. Because guess what, that’s how it is right now. No one is talking, no one says a word in general, everyone pretty much lives on their little island anyway while doing their dailies. So phasing would be a bonus.

Still not agreeing with me? Wait until the cross realm zoning is implemented in Pandaria. You’ll surely agree then!

It’s not an MMO dummy!

Lets be honest here. Massively Multiplayer doesn’t mean Social Multiplayer ok? It just means loads of people are connected to a shared server. There’s no social anywhere. You’d expect it, and people in the business sure like to pretend the ‘social’ factor is there, but really, it’s not.

The WOW dailies are a perfect mirror of real life issues. Of real life people. Of the human behaviour.

And to think I’ve only just started the Golden Lotus dailies … dear god.


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