World of Selfish Pricks

Blizzard likes to pretend we all live in this awesome friendly fantasy world. A place of joy and happiness.

To bad they didn’t design their game to support this motion. No, instead they make it so everyone races to get the first tag on NPC’s or on resource nodes. It’s getting to me, this goddamn supported selfish behaviour.

A Blizzard employee will awnser this by saying “The world is what you make of it blabla”. Well, I’ve been doing exactly that. For the past weeks, when I come across a person, Horde OR Alliance, and I see they are in trouble, I help them out.

Yesterday was the final straw.
I came across a member of the opposing faction (Allaince) battling a Rare Elite Champion mob. He was in trouble and getting smacked around. I could have waited and hoped for a death, let the Champion reset itself and give it a go myself.
But like I said, I helped out. I nuked the Champion mob to the ground, and the Alliance player got his kill.

What did I get for helping? Nothing! Not a single /bow /respect /thank /cheer. Nothing… He just mounted up and left.

No more …
Screw you all …
Screw Blizzard for actually promoting this selfish, greedlike mentality.
And for the record, screw all of the future people I am going to encounter on my travels in Pandaria.

No more Mr. nice Beetlezombie.



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