Second level 90 a fact. Never thought I’d make it.

That is exactly how I felt. That last 40% to get the level 90 ding was a royal PITA. At this very moment, I cannot bear thinking about getting another character to level 90.

The character I dinged with yesterday is my Priest. And I hate to say it, but leveling on my Priest started out fun, but after hitting the Ku-Lai Summit, no so much fun anymore. Shit hit way way harder than before and I even died a couple of times from either pulling to much or using my fear at the wrong moment.

You fear 2 mobs away from you and 6 others return … Yeah sounds like fun to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the changes to Shadowpriest-hood. I really do, It’s simplified, to the point. Feels like bam-bam you’re dead mofo at the beginning. Then the KLS zone started, and I felt like I was throwing wet towels at the NPC’s.

Omg, even this very moment of writing this, I feel anger surging through my body. I AM a vessel for the Dark Side! Or in dire need of some anger management classes… you can be the judge…

Did I mention I healed all of the Cataclysm expansion? Yes I did. I used to be a kick-ass healer in Classic WoW to. My brother at the time was know as “That crazy Protection Warrior who likes to tank wielding a two-hander.” So that made it hard for him finding a Healer who didn’t complain. And so I rolled a Holy Priest, healing a Protection Warrior wielding a two-hander. Oh the fun …

Where am I going with this?
Oh right, so now I’m back in the healing game. Rolling through dungeons as a Holy Priest once more! And it’s fun, and sexy, and flashy, and god that level 90 talent Halo looks amazing (it really does!), only it costs way to much Mana (42k) so I’m never ever going to use that with just 300k Mana so I’m better of with something else.

Healing in MoP so far has been fairly easy. It’s all about spike damage and avoidable damage. I have noticed that often I’m healing the DPS members more than I am healing the Tank, although that probably says alot about the quality of DPS members I’m getting in LFD.

Thanks to an epic Robe and two epic Rings from the Headless Horseman, I am now ready for Heroic healing. Ehh … yay me?


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