Trying Holy Priest for a change + the honeymoon is over

I’ve switched my Priest from Discipline to Holy. I’ve been Discipline since Cataclysm because the bubbles were truly awesome, especially later in the game when you were in all epic gear.

This time I’m going to try Holy healing, mostly because the Holy toolset looks fun to me. Glyph of Lightspring, Chakras, …

Also joyfull news is the fact I had my very first epic drop in Mists of Pandaria. Darkstaff of Annihilation dropped for me from Kor’Nas Nightsavage, a rare elite Champion mob in the Jade Forrest.

The honeymoon is over.

It is clear that the new shiny experience is slowely but surely ending (for me). The novelty of questing in the new zones is wearing off, and the lesser bits of WOW are slowely returning. Items not dropping, certain quests are extremely boring and lackluster. Daily quests are becoming a chore, I’m not even keeping track of them or all the different factions anymore …

One of the quests I truly hate. Is it latency, it is me being an old fart? But timing that ability in 0.25478 nanoseconds is really frustrating…

So I’m turning to my alts again, a thing that was bound to happen. A guildy of mine is already in LFR, and I’m not even slightly interested in doing that again. I will have to ofc, but I prefer it to be later than now.


I’ve also started a little Pandarian Monk, and I have to say the Panda starting zone and quests are really well done. They are fun, tell you alot of story, but they don’t take forever. The way everything works upwards towards the Horde and Alliance and the choice you have to make, yeah really well done.

I’ve chosen to be a Healing Panda, a Mistweaver, and it looks to be interesting. The healing at the moment is really overpowered, and by the looks of it on various forums, it will remain like this at max level, until it is nerfed. Probably by the time I make it to level 90 :-/

Angry much?

This reads like a very negative post and maybe it is. Like I said the novelty is wearing off and the WOW we know is starting to surface. Well at least the players that are part of it are …


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