Random pieces of ingame fun

It’s a good sign when you play more than you write about the game. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days.

My Warrior hit level 90 sometime ago and once you get past that invisible wall that suddenly hits you, you have lots of things to do. For the past couple of days I’ve been finishing up quests in a couple of zones, doing several dailies I want to focus on, been working on my cooking and fishing, doing random Heroic dungeons and Scenarios, and grinding herbs in order to craft cards for a Relic of Yu’Lon.

This is one of the most impressing areas so far. The big two statues in Vale of the Eternal Blossom.

Of course during the Brewfest festival you have to do your daily Coren Direbrew dungeon, and guess what I had in my daily keg? A Swift Brewfest Ram! Yay me. I now have both the Ram and the Kodo.

Doing Scarlet Halls Heroic for the first time. A very short and entertaining ride.

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