Deathknight tanks working as intended + DING + Heroic dungeons

The above screenshot is me in a fresh Heroic Dungeon. My very first one is MoP. Yeah I cheated a bit by putting on some PvP blue gear. Notice something odd in the screenshot? It’s the DK tank being on top of the overall damage of the party I’m talking about. Didn’t the developers mentioned they wanted to cut down on tank DPS in low level content (5 man dungeons)?

Oh, and I did switch to Arms specialization as Warrior, and it is indeed less gear dependent and easier to manage. See the above screenshot? 32k DPS in my first heroic dungeon, I’m guessing not to bad.

But I was curious if Warrior tanking had the same overal DPS as a Deathknight tank, so I tried that out as well.

Yep, I’m pulling about the same AOE damage as a tank. So no worries there.

But why even start to compaire and complain about balance in World of Warcraft right? I recently took my Beastmaster Hunter alt through the first MoP dungeon at level 86. And you may or not know, but I’ll tell you anyway, playing a Hunter these days is … easy … very easy. I pretty much rolled my face over the keyboard the entire time and I still came out on top.

I even out-damaged a Monk, and god knows the monk class is a little unbalanced. Oeps there’s that word again.


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