First time as Fury in a dungeon, and I didn’t like it

The title says it all. I’m so used to tanking in dungeons it’s taking a whole new mindset for me to get adjusted to taking a DPS role in dungeons.

Fury is frustrating at times. And I’m talking about single target fights, mostly bossfights. You have to be on your toes all the time, and managing your rage is key to success. Add to that the constant moving in all the encounters, and yeah, frustrating.

Yesterday I got up to 24k DPS on a bossfight (Coren Direbrew), and it took effort. I’m not ashamed to admit I need to learn how to play Fury proper in dungeons. It’s like Deathknight Frost all over. Play the ‘wack the mole’ game, aka waiting for abilities to proc.

I’m thinking of switching to Arms because it is not as gear dependant as Fury (critical strike), and the ‘priorities rotation’ is easier in my opinion. It just ‘looks’ cooler to run around wielding 2 big two handed weapons as a Warrior :-). Not the best reason to choose a specialization I know, but still …

Some random stuff:

Found me a rare treasure in a cave at Kun-Lai Summit, which resulted in me having the Kafa Press thingy.

While questing I found an Alliance Dwarf fighting a rare elite champion mob. I decided to help the fellow, but that didn’t turn out for the best. The rare champion mob hit me for over 200k damage, which resulted in an instant death.


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