Almost level 90

Currently questing my way through Kun-Lai Summit, and things have slowed down quite a bit. I think it’s a combination of things. The mobs have more health, they hit harder, and my gear isn’t that super great. Plus me being a Warrior with a tendency  to pull lots of mobs at the same time … yeah I’ve had some close calls lately.
But it has made me aware of my self healing abilities as a Warrior. I can take a serious beating and get away with it, using some clever play.

The Kun-Lai Summit is a nice change of scenery. No more green trees and jungle, but a weird mixture of Nagrand and Barrens. And the questing is, for a part, very interesting. General Nazgrim is back again, needing my help in recruiting all of Pandaria for the Horde, there’s the invasion of the Zandalari Trolls (which was a nice addition). There’s also the return of the Mogu, an ancient race that used to rule Pandaria. Yeah KLS is a nice place to quest, lore-wise.

The KLS is also the first zone to buy a new shiney Pandarian ground mount, namely the Yak. I’m not that keen on it to be honest, it just doesn’t feel right when mounted. So much for 2.700 gold :-).

I’m halfway through level 89, and there’s still lots and lots of questing to do.

As you can see (read) I’ve been focussing on my Warrior a lot. I like melee. Alot. But when I play my Hunter or Priest alt on occasion something is clear right away. It’s so much easier.
Definately so on my Hunter (BM). It is actually quite boring to do so. So this fellow will be my little mining alt.

My Shadow Priest on the other hand surprised me. I remember questing or doing dailies on my SP in other expansions. It was a drag. Now, it is a blast. I am literally killing things like a madman in Shadow, and the revamped SP playstyle is actually very fun. The way Shadow Orbs are now a resource, and Devouring Plague being a more powerfull and usefull spell.

But still, right now, MoP is to fresh to start thinking about getting all your characters to the same level.

Black Market Auction House. Expensive stuff over there.


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