Shado-Pan Monastery, finally a wipe

I did the Shado-Pan Monastery yesterday, a level 87 dungeon, for the first time, and our party finally wiped for the first time. More precise, we wiped on the last boss called Taran Zhu. He does some interesting things during the fight which you have to pay attention to like Haze of Hate, a bad bad thing you have to counter using the Meditate ability. Also your party DPS has to kills adds (orbs) quickly in order to survive the encounter.

It was a litle hectic at first, but we aced it the second try. I’m guessing everyone in our party was doing it for the first time except our (guildie)healer, who did an awesome job keeping us alive while we were wading through bad stuff on the floor :-).

And I actually mean that. Finally we died on a boss fight. Because it felt weird, doing dungeons for the first time and just headbursting through them like no tomorrow. The Shado-Pan Monastery sounds like an interesting dungeon on heroic to me.

Shado-Pan Monastery’s final boss, Taran Zhu. He is a fun fight with some interesting abilities. And look at the art and sphere, isn’t it bootfull?


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