Jade Forrest done. Moving on. What a ride.

Yep, yesterday marked the day I finished all of Jade Forrest. Man, I can’t even remember the last time I bothered doing all the quests in a zone before moving on.

Also, I was called over to Valley (I think) to come and help kill a Rare Elite (Champions they are called these days) by some guildies. I can recall thinking “Since when does it take 3 people to kill a Rare Elite?” but I got proven wrong on that pretty fast. As it turns out these guys have been buffed quite a bit, and hit hard on occasion.

Mr. Cournith, a Rare Elite Champion dude bit the dust. But he showed us the meaning of asswhooping first.

Some random screenies of the bootyfull scenery in Jade Forrest.

Yeah, this quest kinda rocked the world šŸ™‚

The start of an epic journey lies ahead!

And also at level 87 you unlock 2 new dungeons. I’ve only tried out one so far, and it’s pretty much the same caliber, except maybe the final boss. He sure does a lot of things at the same time. I can see this being a wipefest on heroic mode for tunnelvision people.

Not the final boss, for some reason I forgot to take a screenshot of the fight, so you’ll have to do with this one.


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