Another one bites the dust

This time it’s Kor’Nas Nightsavage, a Rare Elite Champion mob who just appeared on me when I was finishing my quests yesterday in the Jade Forest. He didn’t pose much of a problem, although he did use abilities you’re not used to when facing a Rare Elite mob.

Another Champion downed by the mighty blades of Fury

He dropped Leggings of Forgotten War, which are perfect for a Fury Warrior like myself. Yes I do quest in Fury specialization, mainly because roaming around as Protection is so damn slow at times. And who doesn’t like to run around wielding big ass two-handed swords and axes?

Finally Rare Elite mobs are back to where they belong. Not easily (kinda) killed and packing some punch. Putting time into the Glorious achievement will be a fun time waister.


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