MoP so far has been very entertaining

Like most of the people playing World of Warcraft these days, I’ve been having a very positive experience with Mists of Pandaria so far. The new zones look amazing and the quests and lore are actually engaging and fun. It’s been a long time when I actually read the quest before going off on a killing spree.

The use of ground mounts all the time is also a huge factor to the immersion of your character. You actually are ‘in’ the world instead of flying around zerging nodes and quest mobs. I wouldn’t mind if Blizzard made it so you couldn’t use flying mounts at all in Pandaria, but I guess I’m pretty lonely with that point of view.

My character is almost level 87 and I haven’t even finished the first (starter) zone. Yeah, loads and loads of things to do there. And it’s cool for once, because you are slowely introduced to the lore and people and history of Pandaria, so it’s definately worth doing all the quests there.

Profession grinding is faster than ever, well, at least herbalism is 🙂 Every play session nets me about 300 herbs, so I’m stockpiling inks like a madman.


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