MoP dungeons are easy. What happened?

That is my question every time I queue up for a MoP dungeon. Sure I’m being a hypocrite here, I wouldn’t want to go back to Vanilla WOW where doing Scholomance for instance would be a nightmare if you had braindead people in your group.

But the Pandarian dungeons so far, are quite easystreet at the moment. If you know what you are doing that is. And that’s the big problem I often see.
Just now, I saw a Balance Druid doing his thing while NOT being in Moonkin form. I’m no expert on Druids, but after reading the tooltip, I’m pretty sure Balance Druids are supposed to be in Moonkin form to DPS propper.
Also just now I had a Hunter in my group who complained to me when I told him to turn off his pets growl ability.

I noticed no changes for Warrior so far. The Warrior nerfs have gone live for some time now, but I don’t really see much difference in Fury specialization.
Warrior tanking is still pretty much the same as before, and I’m totally loving it. Warrior tanking is an AoE beast :-).

I just dinged level 87 due to herbalism (yay me!) and I unlocked several new dungeons. Lets see if they are of the same caliber. And I’m very curious to see about the Heroic dungeons as well. They (players) claim the difficulty lies between wrath and cataclysm twilight dungeons.

More to come!


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