Playing with baddies

Or the inevitable casual/hardcore debate that never ends. But lets not use those words okay? Because casual and hardcore means pretty much nothing these days. Instead, lets talk about goodies and baddies. I consider myself a goodie. I have 7 level 85 characters, I always read the tooptip of an ability when I get it. I know about the mechanics in World of Warcraft. I don’t stand in the fire. I interrupt when I DPS, I heal like a veteran combat medic and I tank like a Zen rock. That and the fact I’ve been playing videogame since I was 10 years old. The only thing that sometimes bothers me is the fact I’m getting older. Besides that, I’m a goodie.

Why is this then called “Playing with baddies”?

Simply put … guildmembers.
Being in a super friendly casual guild means I often runs dungeons with ‘bad’ gamers. What do I mean ‘bad’ gamers. It means people that have very little (to no) experience with games. They don’t have the ability to see 15 things at the same time on their screen, they don’t know about game-mechanics and they have no clue about what do to besides clicking that button makes you go pewpew.

Are these bad people? Ofc they are not, but they do make bad gamers. Especially when you are doing something in a game that requires a group effort. That assumes people have read their tooltips, that assumes people know that when there’s a big purple spot on the floor it means do not stand there. And that is often the problem. The game assumes people will do these things. It assumes people will get familiar with these things in the course of levelling their character.

Newsflash … they often do not. Example you ask? Okay …

Not the best trinket for a caster level 84

Not the best staff for a caster…

Can you spot the errors of the character in question?
Ofc we helped the player in question, we told her what to replace and why, but up until then, she didn’t have a clue. And she did a whooping 2000 DPS in dungeons. Did I mention she gets kicked out of most her dungeons without us guildies?

And we have more people like her in the guild. And this clearly shows, that even though the game is becoming easier and easier on a lot of levels, it probably isn’t “easy” enough to accomodate these kind of players. Playing with these people is at times frustrating and comical.
Seeing someone die over and over in Vortex Pinnacle, run after run, because they just can’t remember Static Cling is funny, if you overpower the content.

How I do remember doing the two troll dungeons (ilvl 352) when they were just released. Me and my brother were doing them with our guild tank, who was pretty new to tanking. Boy did we wipe over there … I recon we wiped more in those two dungeons that we did the entire Burning Crusade expansion. So frustrating and comical at the same time.


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