Getting ready for Mists of Pandaria

I’ve read that the CRZ feature won’t be implemented in the new zones coming with the expansion, so that is a good thing. I do wonder what will happen when half of the people roll a Pandarian, or a Monk class character. Combined with the new CRZ feature, this could mean early low level zones that will be overcrowded because half of your servers faction is rolling a new character are going to be even more overcrowed because they are now shared with a gazillion servers.

Yeah, I would love to see a screenshot of that. Ashenvale or Hellfire Pensinsula being zerged by 250 new Monk or Panda characters. Good luck doing your quests there … Okay, a bit doomsday-like, but why not?

I was (am) really excited about MoP. It has a lot of cool new features I’m curious about. The changes about Valor Points, gear aquisition, the Looking For Raid tool for all future raids, the pet battles, a whole new continent and on top of that, an incredible awesome theme (Pandas and excellent art style). Yeah, a lot to be excited about.

The CRZ tempered that a little bit (much), but I’m a very passionate conpulsive person, and I’m trying not to give in to much to momental urges. So the CRZ system will not get in my way of having fun in MoP (yet).

I’ve finally decided on my main character to take through Pandaria. It will be my Warrior ofc. I’ve always been a melee lovin’ guy, and even though I’ve had a lot of fun on my Hunter lately, standing at the back doing pewpew is less fun than being in the midst of things waving around two awesome looking swords or maces. So Warrior it is. A bonus is ofc the fact I love tanking, and I especially like running around with a big shield on my back. Having instant queues is an extra perk as well.

Second character to get leveled will probably be my Hunter because of the Jewelcrafting profession.


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