Cross Realm Zones: Pissed at first, mixed feelings right now

Ah, the wonders of online gaming. Blizzard recently implemented a new system called Cross Realm Zones, and it a hot topic these days on the forums and pretty much everywhere else. My stance on this is mixed right now. Yes, I was pretty annoyed at first, I could see only bad things coming from it. I still do actually, but the initial temper has settled.

In the long run, I don’t think the CRZ will add anything to the game. Because seeing more people in the world just doesn’t matter anymore. It’s not needed for anything at all, basically you could even say it’s more of a nuisance. You’re sharing mobs, quest mobs, nodes, pretty much everything a zone has to offer. Add to that the flying mounts and it really kills immersion. People throwing themselves on mobs and nodes like vultures just to get the first kill/tag. No, that’s not immersion for me.

But yesterday something happened that made my initial temper settle down.

A friendly Alliance player from another realm.

Yep I saw a low level (I think the player was lower level, can’t remember correct) Alliance player while I was doing some Archeology in the Blasted Lands. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a low level Alliance player from my own realm. And a friendly one that is. So this kinda took my ‘premature’ angerness away about the CRZ.

Does that mean it’s all sunshine from now on? No certainly not.
For a PvE server this adds little to the gameplay of your server. Sure you can group up with the people from other realms, and get along and blabla. But isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with the people from your own realm anyway? What about player that choose a low population server on purpose? I know I prefer to feel ‘isolated’ when I’m out in the world. I like the feeling of an epic barren world out there for me (the protagonist) to explore.

Blizzard released a statement about the CRZ concerns players have been pouring on the forums, but frankly, it says very little. It basically reads like a promotional flyer for their awesome new feature.

People playing on a PvP server are in for a treat, and more likely people are going to find out that maybe a PvP server isn’t really their cup of tea afterall.


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