Waiting for MoP

We’re practically all waiting for Mists of Pandaria. It’s only a month away.

And it shows on my playstyle. No longer do I feel obliged to run dungeons or LFR every week to cap my valor points. No longer do I feel to need to improve my gear but any means. Why would I? When MoP releases, it all starts a new, and we will all be running around in greens and blues again. And that’s cool.

So I’ve been busy with tramsogrifying my gear, searching for pets, deciding which characters to play. And I guess that was the hardest part. Having 9 characters to play gets a dreadfull job fast.

So for now, I’m sticking with my Hunter. It’s so easy to play with, so easy to solo stuff. PvP is (usually) a joy when you can sit at the back and nuke people. Very different than playing my DeathKnight for instane.

The rundown:

Priest (85 Shadow and Discipline)

Is (was?) my main character. Most achievements, most geared, most everything. But healing is becoming a chore these days. People have no clue what so ever, and frankly I’m getting tired of healing people that can’t even move out of bad stuff. Is it really that bad? Maybe, maybe not. But nevertheless, I’m growing tired of it.

Faith = Undecided

Hunter (85 Beastmaster)

Currently my favorite. Rotations are so easy, doing pewpew from distance is uberleet fun. Having to choose from a load of pets is exciting and fun.

Faith = 1st to enter Panda land

DeathKnight (85 Frost and Blood)

Dead? Frost dual wielding has to be the most boring thing I ever did for a long period of time. Waiting and waiting for something to procc (or not) is not my idea of fun anymore. To bad because this is the character I have the RAF mount (2 seater rocket) on.

Faith = Shelved

Shaman (85 Enhancement and Nature)

Pisseasy to play with, excellent DPS while banging my face on the keyboard. Unfortunately also deadboring. I preferred vanilla style shaman, a big 2handed mace to windfury the living daylight out of people.

Faith = Shelved and forgotten

Warrior (85 Arms)

Fun and engaging gameplay. Charging into battle wielding bigass weapons is fun for just about everyone. But something is missing about the Warrior class for me.

Faith = Uncertain

Rogue (85 Assassination)

Used to be a favorite class for me, but wow, what happened here? Ever since the AoE fest in dungeons, the rogue class (to me) is so incredible boring. Not to mention PvP. I guess if you enjoy being a snealy bastard and not mind waiting in stealth for the most part of the match, then yeah, the rogue class is for you.

Faith = Shelved

Paladin (80 Holy and Prot)

I tried the healing approach to levelling my Pally, and it worked up until 80. Healing on a Paladin is very different than on a Priest or a Shaman. Man do you have to know the fights well and the people in your group even better. Paladin healing (and I mean mostly AoE healing) has got to be the most frustrating thing ever.

And to bad Retribution is boring beyond comparison.

Faith = Uncertain

Druid (40 Feral)

I actually have no idea why I ever levelled this fella.

Faith = Shelved behind the shelve of the shelve.

Mage (20 Arcane)

I liked the idea of having access to portals, but I’m sorry, levelling a mage is no fun. Although I do believe that they totally rule at level 85. To bad you have to do 84 other levels to get there.

Faith = Deleted it a while ago

Warlock (15 Destruction)

PvE questing is okay, just DOT the entire zone and wait for them to drop dead and loot. Then, do it all over again.

Dungeon levelling as a Warlock is frustrating. By the time you have charged up a spell, the mob in question usually dies from the other DPS people killing it. DOTting it isn’t really an option either. So yeah, frustrating.

Faith = About to be deleted.


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