We meet again, mr. blog.

Once more, I have returned to the blog. I’m one of those pesky ADD types with to many plans and to little time. No promises this time though.

So why the return part 421 you might wonder? Well, videogames ofcourse, and life that decides otherwise. You see, playing videogames does take time. Time that is not spent doing something else. And with a new house and a little baby, time is one thing that has become very valuable in a short periode of time.

And it hurts, from time to time, because I love playing videogames, even as a 35 year old dude.

So maybe writing about them, and my adventures / dwellings in them, will somehow fill a need. A need that maybe prevents me from spending all this time ingame, locked up in my little precious gaming room (Oh how do I love my little gaming room).

I’ve imported posts from my old blog on blogger.com that I haven’t updated in over a year. Makes it easier to start, and it’s fun to read back all this old stuff. Anyway, let the games begin.


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