EVE Online: Trying it out, again …

I love sci-fi, and I love spaceships. Yeah, call me nerdish.

So EVE Online sounds like a great idea right?
Wrong! :-/

I’ve tried that game several times now, and I’ve never made it past the free trial. But hey, why not. So I re-tried (is that a word?) the game again recently, and guess what? Yeah, I didn’t make it past the free trial periode.

One thing that hits you hard as a newbie in this game is the absolute and complete loneliness in space. And it gets boring pretty fast. The tutorial at least has been updated and a bit more user-friendly, but it’s still lacking a lot.

I felt without any aim what so ever. Yeah we’re all spoiled noobs because of World of Warcraft. Yeah we all need a big yellow flashing pointing arrow to tell us where to go. So what? EVE looks nice on the website, but in reality, flying a ship in space is not very entertaining. Sure the game get more and more interesting as you skill up and get bigger and better ships, but the road to get there is just not very fun. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, having fun while playing videogames is usually more fun. Ha!

Anyway, respect for anyone having a blast with EVE Online, but it’s just not my cup of tea.


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