World of Warcraft: Visiting the new zones

Beetlebub is currently resting at a happy level 83 place. Again, experience comes in easy and fast. Quests are a walk in the park (so far …) and really suck you into the lore of World of Warcraft. Everything you do prepares you for the dungeon mechanics to come.

Questing used to be, lets be honest, dull for the most part.
I’m not going to say it’s not anymore, but you come across fun and wacky quests a lot in Cataclysm. The below screenshot shows a quest, where you had to ride a flying mount, and joust enemy NPCs off their mount. Like I said, wacky … but a pleasant change.

Jousting in World of Warcraft. When is this going to be implemented for PvP??
Here you have to climb a tree, and save poor little bear-babies.
Actually you had to throw them onto that thing on the left.

All the quests you do in Mount Hyjal lead up to an apocalyptic final. In the end, you have to slug it out against Ragnaros, the firelord. Which is pretty impressive, given the fact he used to be a raid boss you had to show respect.

Preparing for battle. Good to know there are deities next to you to lend a hand …

I did good. Helping out gods and eternal beings is a daily thing in my book.

As I’m heading to level 85, I’m still *stuck* with my Ebon flying mount. That’s the Deathknight racial mount. It looks pretty, but with all the facy dragons available, I want to replace it. My eye falls on either the Reins of the Red Drake (Wyrmrest reputation vendor exhalted), or the Reins of the Purple Netherwing Drake (Netherwing exhaled).

It seems the latter is easier to get (grind), so the next few days are going to be spent on this.

Netherwing Drake, here I come!

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