World of Warcraft: Stabbing my way through Outland

I have not so fond memories of Outland, the expansion that is “The Burning Crusade”. To be more precise, it was one of the reasons I stopped playing. So to have to go through all that content again, just to get to level 70, made me real unhappy.

And the very first moments of my arrival in Outlands, in Hellfire Peninsula, confirmed my fears. O how I hate that zone. To many hills and cliffs, stupid orcs and monsters everywhere. So I did a bare minimum of quests for Honor Hold, and got my butt to Zangarmarsh as fast as I could.

Zangarmarsh actually is okay. A very different feeling while questing. Sure, the content (reputation, gear, …) is also expendable, but at least it’s a fun zone to hang out. And I like those Cenarion Druid guys. One thing is totally awesome, and that is the fact that you get to fly in Outlands at level 60. Imagine doing all the quests and travelling with your mount. Brrr …

I’m also happy to announce I found myself a little guild. A bunch of casual players (28 at the moment), all different levels. They are still a level 1 guild, and by the looks of it, level 2 will be weeks away. Most of the time, there are only 3 or 4 people online at the same time. I know I said I wanted a small guild, but maybe this is a bit to small. We’ll see how it progresses when more people (and myself) are in their 80’s.

To finish up, some screenshots:

1k Needles.
Ready to jump and swim all the way to Tanaris. Not the smartest move I made that day.

Being a rogue badass in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Worgen on a rocket.
Sounds like a rock song to me.

Undercover in the Searing Gorge. Quests that lead up to a very entertaining climax.

Poor Murlocs being harrassed by Naga. Each and everyone of them had to relocate.

Something bad happened here. Big demon guy. Bad. Evil. Fried chicken …

Chillin’ at Zangarmarsh.

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