World of Warcraft: Dog Day Afternoon part3

What a ride the last couple of days have been.
As of yesterday, I’m the proud owner of a level 60 rogue Worgen. And I’m ready to dabble into the Outlands. Which is going to be freakin’ hell I tell you …

Because I hate Outlands, and I hate the Burning Crusade. Okay, maybe not hate, but I’m not very fond of it either. The first zone you arrive at after jumping through the portal in the Blasted Lands is Hellfire Penn… something something. What a depressing zone is this? By all means I guess it is supposed to be like this, after all, the minions of hell have wrecked the place. But really?

Not to mention you get there, or at least I did, with crappy green gear, meaning as a rogue, you’re getting your behind whipped by pretty every melee mob out there.

Anyway, a recapitulation of the last days /played.

Zone I went through in the old world before hitting 60.

– Western Plaguelands
– Eastern Plaguelands
– Dustwallow Marsch
– Badlands
– 1k Needles
– Tanaris
– Swamp of Sorrows
– Un’Goro Crater
– Blasted Lands

The Western Plaguelands are okay. The zone still has the same feeling I remembered from before. Vanilla WOW deju-vu. Easy and logical questhubs. Very fast and straightforward progression. In all, fast but not very rememberable.

Eastern Plaguelands I can describe as totally awesome. Just great fun there. The zone has been redesigned, the questing and natural flow streamlined. The entire zone looks and feels undead trouble. Also, there are quests and NPC characters that stay with you (or the questhub) during the entire progression. And not to forget, the huge amount of XP you can earn with these very easy quests.

How I remember Stratholme to be one of my favorite dungeons in the game. It used to be a 10 man raid dungeon, then they changed it to a 5 man dungeon, and now, the Baron has been lowered to a 5 man level 50 dungeon. Poor guy!

But like I said, I have no intention on doing these dungeons. Really no purpose, gear-wise, being so close to level 60 and on my way to Outland.

Dustwallow Marsch. Never really quested there in the old days. You had to go there a while to get attuned for the Onxyia raid dungeon, and the Alliance city there (Theramore) provides a travel-line (boat) to the other island.

Badlands. I actually intended to skip the zone entirely. By some NPC over at Eastern Plaguelands (I think) provided a quest to ‘travel’ to this zone, on a rocket. Needless to say, I couldn’t resist the rocket. And I’m glad I didn’t!

The Badlands have also been heavily redesigned. The quests provided a little bit of fun and insight towards the arrival of Deathwing, and were some of the funniest quests I’ve come across so far. Also, very fast XP here to be gained.

1k Needles. Skipped this zone. Bam …
I hate waterquesting. I don’t care if they give me a boat, a ship or the freakin’ Titanic. If it involves water, I hate it. So I approached the edge of the cliff, jumped off, and swam all the way to Tanaris. Which, after contemplation, was not the smartest move in the history of smart moves. Can you appreciate the irony of the fact I had to swim across an entire zone to skip a zone with waterquests … Yeah …

Tanaris is still like the Tanaris I knew from before. Lots of sand and … sand. Nothing worthy off attention.

Swamp of Sorrows is also one of the old zones you never got to know very well. I did get to know it a little better this time, and other than providing me with a nice amount of herbs, I can’t say I’m impressed. It looks nice, has a real swampy feeling to it, but I just said, wham bam thank you mam (for the XP).

Un’Goro Crater used to be one of my favorite zone, because of the wicked look. It actually felt very claustrophobic and jungle-like. Well, it still does. I still have a bunch of quests there to complete.

Blasted Lands is a zone I avoided in the old game. can’t answer as to why, just did. I heared there now is a portal in the Mages Quarter that teleports you to the Blasted Lands. Which is cool because then you don’t have to travel anywhere alse by boat. So I jumped through the portal and started questing. And am I glad I did. Fun quests and fast XP. And a portal to … Outlands. Which I couldn’t resist after hitting 60. More on that later.


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